Publications & Conferences

Publications & Editorials

Refereed Journal Publications

  • 2017. ‘The Contemporary Dance Economy: Problems and Potentials in the Contemporary Neoliberal Moment’, Special issue ‘Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour’, Dance Research, 35(1), 75–95.
  • 2017. ‘The PSi Manifesto Lexicon – An Online Discursive Platform’, GPS: Global Performance Studies, 1(1). Konstantina, Georgelou, Hildebrandt, Antje and Paramana, Katerina.
  • 2015. ‘Re-turning to The Show: Repetition and the Construction of Spaces of Decision, Affect and Creative Possibility’, Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 20(5), 116-124.
  • 2015. Text contribution to the ‘Acts of Voting: a Lexicon’, curated by Philip Hager & Marilena Zaroulia, Contemporary Theatre Review Interventions (Online), 25(2) (May 2015).
  • 2014. ‘On Resistance through Ruptures and the Rupture of Resistances’, Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 19(6), 81-89.
  • 2014. (Editor) Solidarity and/in Performance: Rethinking Definitions & Exploring Potentialities’ activate e-journal, 3(1).
  • 2011. ‘Muddle, muddle toil and trouble: Disorder and potentiality’, activate e-journal, 1(1).

Published Practice-Based Outputs
(DVDs available at the British Library and the Live Art Development Agency’s Study Room):

  • ‘Talking with Strangers: What is Violence?’, Performance Matters – Potentials of Performance, The White Building, London (
  • ‘Martyro’, Performance Matters – Trashing PerformanceTrash Salon: How to do things with waste?, Toynbee Studios, London (

Creative Text Online Publications

  • 2013. (Re)definition of the term ‘solidarity’. PSi Manifesto Lexicon. Gigi Argyropoulou, Konstantina Georgelou, Efrosini Protopapa, Danae Theodoridou and Steriani Tsintziloni (eds.).
  • 2012. (Re)definitions of the terms ‘reading’, ‘co-authoring’ and ‘witness’. PSi Manifesto Lexicon. Gigi Argyropoulou, Konstantina Georgelou, Efrosini Protopapa, Danae Theodoridou and Steriani Tsintziloni (eds.).


  • 2011.‘Review – Thinking Through Dance: The Philosophy of Dance Performance and Practices Conference’, Society for Dance Research Newsletter, 50. Co-authored with Antje Hildebrandt.


 Conferences & Symposia 

(Paper) ‘IDEA: THIS IS GOOD: On Neoliberal OverFlows and the Reconceptualization of Economy’, Brunel Theatre Research Seminar Series, London, UK.

(Paper) ‘IDEA: THIS IS GOOD: On Neoliberal OverFlows and the Reconceptualization of Economy’, PSi#23 (Performance Studies International) Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

(Paper) ‘The Contemporary Dance Economy: Problems and Potentials in the Current Neoliberal Moment’ Dance Fields: Staking a Claim for Dance Studies in the 21st Century, University of Roehampton, London.

(Paper) ‘On the production of the social in contemporary performance practices’. Society for European Philosophy (SEP/FEP), London, UK.

(Paper) ‘Re-turning to The Show: Repetition and the Construction of Spaces of Decision, Affect and Creative Possibility’, REPETITION/S: Performance and Philosophy in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Paper Presentation, Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity SDHS/CORD Conference, Athens, Greece.

Paper Presentation, Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour Conference, Royal Holloway, University of London

Paper Presentation, IFTR World Congress: Theatre & Stratification, University of Warwick, UK.

Paper presentation, New Visions On Dance Symposium (Society for Dance Research & Dance HE Middlesex) Middlesex University, London.

Invited Plenary Talk and Workshop at ‘Generative Indirections’, Performance Studies International (PSi) Regional Cluster Conference, Portugal.

‘Talking about Economy/ies’, Performance Studies International (Psi#19) 
Conference, Stanford University, US. Co-created with Gigi Argyropoulou.

Paper presentation at theWhat is Performance philosophy? Staging a New Field Conference, University of Surrey, UK (
Panel title: Ethics & Aesthetics in Performance Art: From Marina Abramovic to Tino Sehgal.

26 & 27 October 2012
‘Talking with Strangers: What is Violence?’, Potentials of Performance, Performance Matters, London.

June 2012
Presentation of Paper at the PSi #18 (Performance Studies International) Conference, Leeds, U.K.

June 2012
Presentation of Paper at Communication in Context  Conference, University of Roehampton, London.

November 2011
Performance Studies International (PSi) Conference – Athens Cluster, Athens, Greece.
– ‘Synchronicity in Performance’
– ‘Manifesto Lexicon’

October 2011
‘Martyro’, Performance Matters Symposium, Toynbee Studios, London, U.K.

July 2011
‘Failing Narratives, Failing Systems: Failure as Necessity in Performance
and Society’, 3rd Annual PhD Student Conference, University of Wolverhampton, U.K.

June 2011
Muddle, muddle toil and trouble: Disorder and potentiality – A Lecture- Performance.
‘Communi(cati)on of Crisis Symposium’, Nafpaktos, Greece. Organised by the Institute for Live Arts Research under the auspices of Athens University and Minicipality of Nafpaktos.

January 2011
‘Metrology’, Making & Unmaking Text Across Performance Practices and 
Theories Conference, Funded by Beyond Text, an AHRC Programme,
Centre for Creative Collaboration, London, U.K.


Other Scholarly and Research Activities

2015 – 2018
Participating Artist, Sadler’s Wells Summer University. Directed by Jonathan Burrows in collaboration with Eva Martinez. Sadler’s Wells, London.

2013 – 2014
Guest Editor, activate e-journal, (Vol. 3, No. 1, Spring 2014). Special Issue on: ‘Solidarity and / in Performance: Rethinking Definitions & Exploring Potentialities’.

October 2013
‘Rethinking Economies’ – An evening of talks and performance works at University of Roehampton, London organised by Gigi Argyropoulou and Katerina Paramana.
With presentations by Nicholas Ridout, Sophie Nield, Eve Katsouraki and Tim Jeeves. Drama,Theatre and Performance Department, Jubilee Building, Studio Five, 5p.m.

An invitation to rethink economy and ‘economia’ (deriving from the Greek oikonomia = oikos (house) + nomos (law/rules): the rules by which a household is managed) in relation to neoliberal and institutional economies and systems of interaction, organisation and exchange.

Peer-Reviewer for Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre and Performance.

2010 – 2013      
Associate Researcher with Performance Matters, an AHRC funded Programme.
A creative research project and collaboration between University of Roehampton, London, Goldsmiths, University of London and the Live Arts Development Agency investigating the cultural value of performance. Directed by Professor Adrian Heathfield, Dr Gavin Butt and Lois Keidan.

2010 – 2013     
Editorial Committee Member, activate e-journal.