Upcoming Events

(Submitted). ‘The Contemporary Dance Economy: Problems and Potentials’, Special issue ‘Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour’, Dance Research.

October 2015
‘Re-turning to The Show: Repetition and the Construction of Spaces of Decision, Affect and Creative Possibility’, Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 20(5), 116-124.

2015 – 2018
Participating Artist, Sadler’s Wells Summer University. Directed by Jonathan Burrows in collaboration with Eva Martinez. Sadler’s Wells, London.

June 2015
‘Now What?’, Michael Cacoyannis Theatre, Athens, Greece. Performance co-created with Elena Koukoli.

June 2015
Paper Presentation at Cut & Paste: Dance Advocacy in the Age of Austerity SDHS/CORD Conference, Athens, Greece.

May 2015
Creative text contribution to the ‘Acts of Voting: a Lexicon’, curated by Philip Hager & Marilena Zaroulia, Intervention for Contemporary Theatre Review Online, to concide with 25(2).

28 & 29 March 2015
Participated in PAF (Performing Arts Forum) with Jonathan Burrows, Mårten Spångberg, Bojana Cvejic and Jan Ritsema. Siobhan Davies Studios,  London.

21 February 2015
Paper Presentation at Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour Conference,
Royal Holloway, University of London.

February 2015
Delivering lectures on gender, the male gaze, performativity and conduct in and in relation to performance at London Studio Centre, London.

December 2014
‘On Resistance through Ruptures and the Rupture of Resistances’, Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 19(6), 81-89.

13 – 21 October 2014
Screening of all the Performance Room Series at Tate Modern. The film includes Bojana Cvejic and Christine de Smedt’s work Spatial Confessions in which I performed in May.

1 August 2014
IFTR World Congress: Theatre & Stratification, University of Warwick, UK.

22 May 2014
BMW Tate Live: Performance Room – Spatial Confessions
Choreography: Bojana Cvejic and Christine De Smedt
Performance Room, Tate Modern, London.

23 April – 9 May  2014     
Presented IDEA: THIS IS GOOD, an Installation Performance at Gasworks Gallery, London.
(part of the archive of destruction, a selection of text, video and audio documents).

‘This is an installation performance. It requires two people. It considers the effects of neoliberalism on the systems of which we are part, on our relationship to people, to things, to time and to space’.

2013 – 2016
Associate Lecturer, MA Text and Performance (in partnership with RADA) and BA Theatre Studies, Birkbeck, University of London.

Past Events

2013 – 2014
Guest Editor, activate e-Journal, Special Issue on: ‘Solidarity and / in Performance: Rethinking Definitions & Exploring Potentialities (Spring 2014).

1 November 2013
Video Performances co-created with Kathleya Afanador, Antje Hildebrandt, Elena Koukoli and Ligia Zuccarello Rizzo.
Presented at  ]performancespace[  London, as part of Toothache Duets,
by Eirini Kartsaki and Louise Douse.

25 October 2013
‘Rethinking Economies’ – An evening of talks and performance works at University of Roehampton, London organised by Gigi Argyropoulou and Katerina Paramana.
With presentations by Nicholas Ridout, Sophie Nield, Eve Katsouraki and Tim Jeeves. Drama,Theatre and Performance Department, Jubilee Building, Studio Five, 5:00 p.m.

An invitation to rethink economy and ‘economia’ (deriving from the Greek oikonomia = oikos (house) + nomos (law/rules): the rules by which a household is managed) in relation to neoliberal and institutional economies and systems of interaction, organisation and exchange.

12 October 2013 
Paper presentation, New Visions On Dance Symposium (Society for Dance Research & Dance HE Middlesex) Middlesex University, London.

7 & 8 September 2013
Invited Plenary Talk and Workshop at Generative Indirections, Psi Regional Cluster Conference, Portugal.

Visiting Lecturer, Glion Institute of Higher Education, London. HE2 Module: Drama and Performance.

Peer-Reviewer for Performing Ethos: An International Journal of Ethics in Theatre and Performance.

27 June 2013
‘Talking about Economy/ies’, Performance Studies International (Psi#19) 
Conference, Stanford University, US.
Concept & Organisation: Gigi Argyropoulou & Katerina Paramana.

11 April 2013
Paper presentation at the What is Performance philosophy? Staging a New Field Conference, University of Surrey, UK.

5 April 2013
Performing in Ivana Muller’s 60 Minutes of Opportunism, Siobhan Davies Studios, London. Part of What Now Festival.

3 & 4 April 2013
Performing in Splat!, Creation: Lauren Barri Holstein, Barbican Silk Street Theatre, London. Part of SPILL Festival of Performance.

April 2013
Contributor to PSi Manifesto Lexicon (http://www.psimanifestolexicon.org/page/lexicon)
(contributor of the (re)definition of ‘solidarity’).

January – May 2013
Module Convenor & Visiting Lecturer, BA Drama, Theatre & Performance, University of Roehampton, London. HE2 Module: Performance & Live Art.

14 & 15 December 2012
Invited to present my latest work Talking with Strangers: What is Violence? at Galeria Boavista, in Lisbon, Portugal.  The work was first presented this October at ‘Potentials of Performance’, part of Performance Matters, London. (http://www.thisisperformancematters.co.uk/home.html).
Thank you for the invitation to Ana Bigotte Vieira and AADK (http://www.aadk.org/About).

December 2012 
Guest Lecturer, BA Drama, Theatre & Performance, University of Roehampton, London. HE1 Module: Engaging Performance.

24 July – 28 October 2012
Performing in Tino Sehgal’s These Associations, Tate Modern, London.

26 & 27 October 2012: Talking with Strangers: What is Violence?, Presentation of my new performance work at ‘Potentials of Performance’, part of Performance Matters, London.

August 2012
Contributor to PSi Manifesto Lexicon (http://www.psimanifestolexicon.org/page/lexicon)
(contributor of the (re)definition of: ‘reading’, ‘co-authoring’ and ‘witness’).

June 2012
Presentation of Paper at the PSi#18(Performance Studies International) Conference, Leeds, U.K.

June 2012
Shift Presentation at the PSi#18 (Performance Studies International) Conference, Leeds, U.K.

June 2012
Presentation of Paper at Communication in Context  Conference, University of Roehampton, London.

May 2012
Guest Lecturer, MA Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance, Laban, Trinity Laban, Conservatoire of Music and Dance. MA Module: Histories of the Body.

March 2012
Guest Lecturer, BA Dance, Laban, Trinity Laban, Conservatoire of Music and Dance. HE2 Module: Cultural Perspectives.

November 2011
Presentations at the Performance Studies International (PSi) Conference – Athens Cluster, Athens, Greece.
– ‘Synchronicity in Performance’
– ‘Manifesto Lexicon’

November 2011
‘Performing Document’ – an end of workshop performance part of PSi Athens Cluster.
Concept and Direction: Janez Janša
I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre, Athens, Greece.

November 2011
Presentation of Muddle, muddle toil and trouble: Disorder and potentiality – A Lecture- Performance, part of PANDEMIC, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, U.K.

October 2011
Presentation of the new work Martyro, Trash Salon, Performance Matters Symposium, Toynbee Studios, London.
Performed by Katerina Paramana.

September 2011
Katerina was appointed Visiting Lecturer at Roehampton University, London (Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies).

August 2011
Presentation of Metrology at the Stockholm Fringe Fest 2011, Kulturhuset, Stockholm (Sweden). (Performed by Antje Hildebrandt and Katerina Paramana).

July 2011
Review of the ‘Thinking Through Dance: The Philosophy of Dance Performance and Practices’ Conference, Society for Dance Research Newsletter, No. 50, July 2011. Co-authored with Antje Hildebrandt.

July 2011
Paper presentation at the 3rd Annual PhD Student Conference at University of Wolverhampton on Production.

June 2011
Presenting “Muddle, muddle toil and trouble: Disorder and potentiality – A Lecture- Performance” as part of Lab Night, at Roehampton University (Jubilee Building, Studio 4). (Performing: Antje Hildebrandt, Elena Koukoli,  Eirini Kartsaki and Katerina Paramana. Followed by a staged dialogue on performance making methodologies and on the placement of value in performance with Lis Austin, Danae Theodoridou and the performers).

June 2011
Presenting Muddle, muddle toil and trouble: Disorder and potentiality – A Lecture- Performance at the ‘Communi(cati)on of Crisis’ Symposium in Nafpaktos, Greece. The  Symposium is organised by the Institute for Live Arts Research and is under the auspices of Athens University and Municipality of Nafpaktos. For the Symposium’s programe click here:
http://www.live-arts-institute.org provisional%20schedule.html
Performed by Elena Koukoli, Nana Sachini, Eirini Kartsaki and Katerina Paramana.

May 2011
Katerina interviewed artists and writers Leslie Hill and Helen Paris at the Performance Studies International Conference (PSi #17) in Utrecht, as part of PSi’s Archive Oral History Project.